Press Release: Are you interested in farming industrial hemp in Albania?

Shkodër, October 11, 2023 — The National Albanian Hemp Industry Association (NAHIA) is pleased to express its heartfelt gratitude to the Albanian government for the recent reform of industrial hemp (industrial cannabis) regulations. This progressive step will undoubtedly revolutionize the hemp industry in Albania, opening countless opportunities for Albanian farmers and entrepreneurs.

The commitment of the Albanian government to facilitate the growth of the industrial hemp sector in Albania is commendable. By reorganizing regulations and providing a favorable environment for cultivation, processing and distribution of its by-products, the Albanian government has paved the way for sustainable economic growth, increased employment and more efficient environmental management. NAHIA strongly believes that this reform will position Albania as a leader in the international hemp industry.

To celebrate this very important event, NAHIA invites all farmers who are interested in the cultivation of industrial hemp to participate in a comprehensive survey, which aims to assess the potential of this sector in Albania. This survey will serve as a vital tool in gauging the level of interest and identifying areas where support and guidance is required. The findings and assessments drawn from this survey will guide NAHIA in its mission to foster a vibrant and thriving hemp industry in Albania.

NAHIA assures all survey participants maximum confidentiality and guarantees that the information collected will be used only for research and development purposes.

NAHIA recognizes the extraordinary value that industrial hemp has not only as a versatile crop, but also as a sustainable alternative for branches of various industries. From textiles to building materials and biofuels, to health and wellness products, hemp-based solutions have the potential to revolutionize multiple sectors by promoting environmental sustainability.

The commitment of the Albanian government to create a favorable environment for the cultivation of hemp is a proof of their forward-looking approach. NAHIA looks forward to working closely with the Albanian government to ensure the successful implementation of these reforms, promoting economic growth, job creation and sustainable development.

Farmers interested in contributing to the growth of the industrial hemp sector in Albania are encouraged to complete the survey by visiting ( Your participation will play a decisive role in shaping the future of the Albanian hemp industry.

NAHIA expresses its deepest appreciation to the Albanian government for its steadfast commitment to progress and innovation. Together, we will create a bright and prosperous future for the industrial hemp sector in Albania.